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Highest Degree


Professor Emeritus

Chen, Ching-Chun

Ph.D., Chinese Culture University

Fisheries Economics, Marketing Management, Labor Economics, Leisure Economics of Fishery

Professor Emeritus

Chiang, Fu-Sung Frank

Ph.D., Consumer Economics and Housing, Cornell University

Consumer Economics, Consumer Behavior, Demand and Price Analyses, Fisheries Trade


Huang, Yo-Yi

Ph.D., National Cheng-chi University

International Trade Theory, Trade and Industrial Network, Industrial Organization


Lee, Duu-Hwa

Ph.D., Department of Agricultural  Economics ,National Taiwan University

Applied General Equilibrium Analysis, Environmental and Energy Economics, Leisure and Tourism Economics

Associate Professor

Jan, Man-ser

Ph.D., Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Georgia

Demand and Price Analysis, Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Econometric Methods

Associate  Professor & Director

Chang, Ching-Fu

Ph.D., Department of Economics, National Taiwan University


Applied Microeconometrics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics


  Associate Professor

Hsiao, Yao-Jen

Ph.D., Department of Shipping & Transportation Management, Natioanl Taiwan Ocean University

Fisheries economics, Marine economics, Financial econometrics

Joint-Appointment Professor

Chang, Ching-Cheng

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Agricultural Resource Planning, Global Warming Impact Assessment, Agricultural Trade Policy, Cost-benefit Analysis

Adjunct Associate Professor

Chan Vei-Lin

Ph.D., Purdue University

Macroeconomics, Economics Growth, Money and Baking