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Degree Requirements

Our Institute offers a regular graduate program leading to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in applied economics. This is a 40-credit program with 25 elective and 15 required credits (cr.), Topics in Oceanic Humanities and Social Sciences for 1 cr, consisting of seminars for 3 cr.; Thesis for 6 cr.; Microeconomics for 3 cr.; and Econometrics for 3 cr.  The program is typically completed in two years. Applicant for the special on-job training program on marine and aquaculture affair management are required to have at least two years of experience in related activities.

The degree program is industry-oriented aiming at producing graduates with professional expertise in management of industrial and fishery enterprises. The program is also research oriented with an emphasis in training graduate students to conduct independent economic research addressing industrial and fishery issues. It provides excellent preparation for students seeking advanced studies in other Ph. D. programs or professional careers in the private and public sectors. In addition to coursework, the Institute trains students through research assignments, seminars, field trips, and discussion opportunities.